Application to Government School:

What is AEIS?

The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is a centralised admissions exercise conducted by MOE around September or October each year for new international students who wish to join our mainstream primary and secondary schools in January of the following year.

AEIS consists of a centralised test on English and Mathematics that will assess the applicants’ English literacy, numeracy and reasoning abilities. Applicants who pass the test will be offered a place in a suitable school, based on availability of school vacancies, their test performance and declared address in Singapore.

International students seeking admission to mainstream schools in Singapore should note that English is the medium of instruction and are strongly encouraged to prepare themselves before sitting for the AEIS tests. They should be familiar with the English and Mathematics syllabi of the level preceding the one they are applying for.

Who is AEIS for

New international students who do not have a place in a local school and who wish to seek admission into Primary 2–5 and Secondary 1–3 levels in January of the following academic year are eligible to take part in AEIS.

When is AEIS conducted

The AEIS exam is conducted twice a year in the months of October and Feburary every year.  Students who wish to register for the exam can do so online or contact the Prep schools that they are studying at to do so on their behalf.

Applying to International Schools:

Application can be processed directly through the school you wish to study in. There are many language schools and international schools for enrolment and we are also able to support your application to the school.


31 homestay has partnerships with a few international and private schools to help students prepare for the AEIS exams. Student pass applications will also be supported by our homestay guardian as a Singaporean sponsor.



Being a Homestay provider for over 13 years, we have the experience and expertise in looking after a child's needs. We are also thankful to those who entrust us with this responsibility.

The Responsibilities of the guardian include:

  1. Being thr 24-hour emergency contact person for the student, parents and school
  2. Application for student pass/schools
  3. Arranging emergency medical care when necessary
  4. Attending school functions (Eg. parent meetings)
  5. Monitoring the student's academic and personal progress
  6. Assisting students with their needs - school related materials, mobile SIM cards, etc.
  7. Ensuring that students are safe, comfortable and happy throughout.

We will act as a partner to you, the parents living overseas, to ensure the safety, well-being and success of your child during their time in Singapore. 

We are available 24/7 through LINE/Whatsapp/Facebook/Wechat for easy communication.